HTC Hero Review Roundup

by Hero on July 22, 2009

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HTC HeroThe HTC Hero smartphone has just been released in the UK under contract from Orange. For those wondering whether this should be your next phone, we’ve rounded up all of the latest reviews for you to gander over.

It’s interesting to see some of the reviews contradict each other. However, all of them refer to the Hero as the best Android smartphone released thus far, despite a sometimes-sluggish user interface. Hopefully some of these niggles will be fixed with firmware updates in the future. Check out the reviews released so far after the jump.

Cnet: “The best Android phone yet, thanks to its innovative user interface.”

Electric Pig: “The best Android phone yet, the HTC Hero is a top–notch, high end smartie.”

Gizmodo: “Ambitious, But Tragically Flawed.”

MobileCrunch: “This is a phone for the masses, yet it still has the power and geek chic of Android.”

Pocket-Lint: “Overall the Hero lives up to it’s name: it’s an easy to use device that out-of-box delivers much of the connected experience that other phones will have you scrabbling around to find apps for.”

Slashgear: “It’s reassuring to know that not only is the Hero a great smartphone but that it’s only likely to get better as HTC continue their tweaks. It’s safe to say that, in the HTC Hero, Android has come of age.”

Techradar: “Whatever the reason HTC has decided to bring the Hero to the market in this current state, it simply isn’t enough to make it into a Palm Pre or iPhone killer.”

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