HTC Hero taps into youth market with free running viral ads

by Hero on July 26, 2009

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HTC HeroViral marketing is a part of many company’s PR budget these days and HTC is no different. To promote its new phone, the company created a couple of very cool free running (parkour) ads to create awareness.

To be fair, the amount of ad placement is kept to a minimal and there are no links to HTC at the end of the video either. It looks like HTC have been very discrete with this one. They even created a ‘StreetHeroes’ MySpace page which only features a picture of the phone, but don’t mention it once in the text.

Free running around a city, jumping off roof tops, ledges, and other acts of incredible acrobatics, while wearing no safety equipment. In the first ad you see a guy who has an HTC Hero strapped to his head performing parkour, the second video is the video that was shot on the HTC Hero strapped to his head. Both videos are very well made and produced and well worth checking out. We’ve attached both after the break.

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