HTC release ‘how to’ guides for the Hero

by Hero on July 30, 2009

in Tips & Tricks

HTCJust in case any of you lucky HTC Hero owners weren’t aware, HTC has published a number of ‘how to’ guides for its Hero smartphone. The guides, which are all found on its website, cover a number of different areas on topics that we’ve attached after the break.

How to guides include:

  • Personalising your home screen
  • Connecting to the Internet using 3G, GPRS or, EDGE
  • Setting up Wi-Fi
  • Using the People widget
  • Using the browser
  • Twittering on your phone
  • Updating your facebook status
  • Viewing Facebook and Flickr updates
  • Using the on-screen keyboard
  • Setting up your email account
  • Connecting a stereo Bluetooth headset
  • Turning the power on and off

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