Dopod to launch HTC Hero in China

by Hero on August 3, 2009

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DopodDopod, which distributes HTC handsets in China, is planning to launch the HTC Hero in China. A launch date could be as early as later this month, although releasing a phone in China requires extensive testing of the phone’s network access license which may push the date back. Luckily, the Hero keeps its Wi-Fi capabilities, by supporting the wireless LAN security protocol that China developed.

A few changes to the device include the removal of Google Maps as an embedded app. China sees Google Maps as a “sensitive” app so it won’t come with the phone, although users are able to download it themselves after. Dopod may also launch a “Chinese Red” version along with the white and brown models on offer. It is expected to cost 5,600 Yuan ($819, £484, €568) on launch, which is certainly not cheap.

Via Computerworld [via Engadget].

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