HTC Hero Review Roundup #5

by Hero on August 25, 2009

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HTC HeroJust when I thought that there possibly can’t be any more HTC Hero/G2 Touch reviews out there, a few more crop up. This follows on from our first, second, third and fourth review roundup.

Admittedly, most of the reviews listed are from the smaller blogs, but they are well worth a read. We’ve also included a couple of great video reviews we came across too. Check out details of the seven reviews we’ve rounded up after the jump.

Hendrik Kaju’s weblog: A week with the HTC Hero

Despite a few shortcomings, HTC Hero is in my opinion the best Android phone out there and certainly a viable alternative to the iPhone.” HTC Hero Hands-On

The Hero is sleek, beautiful, and small enough for pockets. It’s shows how great Android devices can be. It’s a testament to HTC for focusing on customization and innovative design.”

Sizlopedia: A hands-on review of the HTC Hero

I would definitely recommend this phone to anyone who is tired of the iPhone and wants a change, and also to those who want to experience Android for the first time.”

TechnoBuffalo (jon4lakers): HTC Hero Video Review HTC Hero Video Review

UpTillOne: HTC Hero – Review

The phone is amazing, It’s ALMOST every thing the Hero/Android have to offer. I say almost because of the dated internal specs, the year+ old specs are holding the device slightly back.

Walking Randomly: On Android and the HTC Hero (From an ex Windows Mobile guy)

I love the HTC Hero and (capacitive touch screen and Bluetooth issues aside) I am really glad that I moved from Windows Mobile to Android and the HTC Hero. More interesting than Windows Mobile, more open than the iPhone and more apps than Palm Pre it’s the mobile OS of the future and I am glad to be a part of it.

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