Sprint HTC Hero review roundup

by Hero on September 24, 2009

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Sprint HTC HeroA number of the big tech sites have posted their reviews/hands-on impressions of Sprint’s HTC Hero Android handset. Sprint’s chinless re-design is the main area of discussion as underneath the hood, there is little difference.

Most of the sites mention that Sprint’s HTC Hero has better performance and is snappier, but I imagine that is down to the latest firmware, which most current HTC Hero handsets now have access to. It seems to be down to personal preference regarding the chin, some sites liking the new design, others preferring the old. The new design also sports a bigger trackball and some mention a slightly better display. Check out the reviews after the break.

Brighthand.com: HTC Hero for Sprint Preview

The “chin” on the European Hero made it a device people loved or hated. Sprint’s redesign has resulted in a smartphone that’s hard to hate.”

Cnet: HTC Hero (Sprint) Review

While it could use a boost in the performance department, the HTC Hero is the most feature-packed Google Android device to date, bringing some notable improvements and a highly customizable interface.

Engadget: HTC Hero for Sprint hands-on and impressions

In our eyes, there is nothing significantly different or improved about the Sprint version to warrant a second review. There are some very minor differences in camera quality, and obviously the network performance is better (since it’s not EDGE)…we’re still seeing the same kind of sluggishness and slowdown we experienced with the European version.”

Gizmodo: Sprint Hero Review: Faster, Stronger, Uglier

The princess might not kiss this Hero because it’s kinda ugly, but at least it’ll actually get the job done now. If you’ve been waiting for an Android phone not on T-Mobile, or one that’s finally just about ready for primetime, this is it.

Mobilitysite: Sprint HTC Hero 1st Impressions and Photo View

I have used the phone for about an hour tonight and I was very impressed with both the speed of the device and the ease of use. The UI HTC Slapped on their makes it easier to get around, but Android is not that tough to get the hang of. The device flowed through the menus and widget screens super fast. So far, I am loving it.

PC World: HTC Hero (Sprint) Review

Sprint customers torn between the Palm Pre and the HTC Hero might consider this: The Hero is for the true tech lover. It is ideal for those who want to take the extra time and steps to tweak and organize their phone to their liking and want access and space for hundreds of apps. If you’re looking for something easy to set up and in a prettier package, however, you’ll want to go with the Pre.”

ZdNet Blog: First impressions: HTC Hero Android smartphone on Sprint [review]

The Hero marks the first Android phone on a carrier other than T-Mobile. Better still, it gives Sprint customers a business-friendly alternative to the Palm Pre smartphone — sans QWERTY keyboard, of course.

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