Mugen Power lists extended batteries for the GSM HTC Hero

by Hero on November 19, 2009

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Mugen Power battery for HTC HeroYesterday, we posted about the Mugen Power extended battery for the Sprint HTC Hero. A lot of people have been asking about whether anything exists for the original (GSM) HTC Hero and lo-and-behold Mugen has two such extended batteries listed.

The GSM HTC Hero comes with a 1350mAh capacity battery (even lower than the Sprint model), but Mugen has an extended battery listed with 1550mAh capacity for $29.95 and another with a whopping 3200mAh capacity that is listed for $79.95 (all with free worldwide shipping). Mugen Power has a great reputation for supplying reliable and long-lasting batteries.

This latter battery has a capacity that is over 2.3x the original battery. However, this doesn’t come out of anywhere and it means the battery is much thicker and requires a new battery cover (included in the price). Only white and dark brown covers are available, so you’re out of luck if you own a pink or black model. This will, of course, add considerable bulk to your Hero, but if you travel a lot (and don’t like changing batteries) it may just be worth it.

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