Further details on HTC Legend (Hero successor) emerges

by Hero on December 14, 2009

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HTC LegendThe first high-resolution picture of the HTC Legend, widely tipped to be the HTC Hero successor, has emerged courtesy of ai.rs. It’s quite a nice design, with metallic frame, AMOLED display, LED flash and a 600MHz processor. HTC have also ensured that the distinctive chin remains.

The handset is expected to come with Android 2.0 and be armed with an optical trackpoint instead of touchball. The HTC Legend has a striking design and if all of these details are true I’m sure HTC will be onto another winner. However, I can’t help feeling that a slightly more powerful processor would have been the icing on the cake. The HTC Legend is rumoured to launch in March 2010. Check out a larger screenshot after the jump.

HTC Legend

HTC Legend

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