Sena UltraSlim Pouch Review for HTC Desire

by Hero on May 23, 2010

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Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire ReviewIt is a bit of a dilemma when you have a sleek, thin touchscreen phone. You want to protect it, but you may not want to buy a case that doubles the size of the handset. This is exactly the case with the HTC Desire, it houses a gorgeous 3.7-inch display and is one of the thinnest smartphones around. However, we have the ideal HTC Desire case to compliment the phone.

We are reviewing the Sena UltraSlim Pouch for the HTC Desire (and Nexus One). The company claims that it is the thinnest leather case ever designed for a mobile and is ideal for those who prefer “zero bulk”. The pouch was kindly sent over by MobileFun, a specialist retailer of mobile accessories. The pouch costs £24.98 and MobileFun applies a small delivery charge on top of this depending on whether shipping is to the UK or mainland Europe.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The case comes well packaged so that there is unlikely to be any damage to the soft leather by the time it hits your doorstep. As you can tell from the picture below, it is designed to fit both the HTC Desire and Nexus One smartphones given their similar dimensions.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The company claims that the pouch is made from the “finest quality, full-grain leather.” This is something hard to argue with once going hands-on ourselves.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

A short set of instructions detail how you should remove the phone from the pouch. It’s pretty self-explanatory once it’s in the hand, but it’s nice to see Sena supplying instructions for those worried that their method may ruin the case.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

Once removed from the packaging, the UltraSlim Pouch really feels like a premium product. As mentioned above, the case feels like it is made from full-grain leather. It is also very soft to the touch.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The case comes with soft velvet lining to make sure there is no risk of getting any scratches on the HTC Desire’s display.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

Sena has embossed a small logo towards the top of the case that doesn’t ruin the style of the pouch.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The pouch has secure stitching, including across the opening for added detail.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The HTC Desire is a tight fit when placed into the UltraSlim case. However, I would expect this to loosen slightly over time.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

Sena says that the pouch has a “light zero bulk protective layer”. Realistically speaking I’m not sure the phone would survive from a high fall. However, it is likely to be ideal who want to put their phone in a bag or pocket.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The case covers the handset to the top and leaves access to the power button. My only concern is that given the tight fit it can be a bit tricky to remove. If you have a phone call you may struggle to get to it in time. However, I would expect the leather to loosen over time and maybe this wouldn’t be an issue.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

It is a very lightweight case and according to our measurements will only add an extra 12g to the weight of your phone.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

The Sena UltraSlim is the thinnest pouch offered by the company and it’s certainly the thinnest we’ve seen. It is well constructed with high-quality materials and is easily worth its £25 asking price. The design is ideal for those who carry their phone in their bag or pocket.

My one and only gripe is the tightness of the fit that may make it difficult to remove in a hurry. However, I would expect that this is down to the case being new and hopefully the leather will stretch a little after some use. If this is not likely to be an issue for you, then I can fully recommend the Sena UltraSlim case for the HTC Desire.

Sena UltraSlim Pouch For HTC Desire Review

Many thanks to MobileFun for sending through the Sena UltraSlim Pouch for review!

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1 Anthony May 23, 2010 at 8:44 PM

And this story is related to the Hero….. how exactly?

2 Pete May 24, 2010 at 3:05 PM

Because the owner of the site was due an upgrade, chose the desire so said he would also include Desire stuff alongside Information about the latest stuff for Hero’s…

Just be glad this blog isn’t run by HTC, or there wouldn’t have been an update since December… ;)

3 Tom May 24, 2010 at 4:34 PM

because of the same reason for when I looked up on piratebay for starcraft, and the second result was ‘michael jackson’s greatest hits’. ;)

4 Jamie June 11, 2010 at 1:03 PM

This case is a tight fit because it’s not designed for the Desire but for the Nexus One, they’re not exactly the same size.

I’ve emailed Sena about this and they told me they will be releasing Desire cases soon. Mobile fun shouldn’t be selling this as a Desire case.

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